Values, Interests and Skills
Values, Interests and Skills Workshop

General Themes:

Session Description:
An individual's general sense of happiness, performance on the job and emotional/physical health can be enhanced or negatively impacted by values. Unfortunately, these are often ignored and when conflicts occur at home or work, we tend to focus on the incident and not the cause. In many cases, the cause comes down to a conflict in value systems.
There is also a need in our changing workplace for individuals to constantly develop new skills. Although formal learning is certainly valuable in dealing with some of these issues, formal training is both costly and, in some cases, not required. Through life and work experiences individuals acquire skills, which can assist them in meeting the changing demands in the workplace.
This session creates a fun, safe and relaxed atmosphere to assist participants in discovering the link between personal and corporate values as they relate to personal satisfaction and organizational success. Participants also get an opportunity to examine their own values, interests and skills. They also secure some basic information on their own prior learning and the impact this can have on their career and on the concept of life long learning.

Expected Outcomes:

Recommended Session Length: 2.0 to 3.0 hours (full day session also available).
Recommended Number of Participants: 40 (larger groups can be accommodated)

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