What Have Participants Said About Laughtersize Seminars?

"Laughtersize is what the name suggests – humour/laughter with wonderful learning and a very positive approach. I like that Alan & Bonnie came from a strengths perspective "

"We felt energized after presentation "

"Every organization should have this at least once a year! "

"This was the best session I ever attended…… I couldn’t believe I was here for over 2 hours "

"You do a great job of providing humourous episodes that enhance team work and group participation and with the surprising result of aiding in learning "

"Excellent… what can I say…. he even made me laugh "

"I don’t know where they come up with these activities, I enjoyed every minute of the workshop "

"It is always impressive to me to see presenters and participants be so comfortable with themselves that they can interact in this type of setting. The learning about self is of great value "

"A wonderful way to learn and thoroughly enjoy yourself at the same time "

"You were for this overworked and stressed group….. just what the doctor ordered "

"I have never had so much fun learning something new. A real ‘feel good’ experience "

"The mark of an excellent presenter is when participants ask for more…. The room was still buzzing after you left"

"We need to do more of this within our own offices, to help understand values within our own environments. Positive Energy….. more ….more & more again!!!!! "

"Alan has a way of putting people at complete ease in a full interactive session "

Such nice people...... here is more of what they said:

"Hilarious, inventive and creative way of teaching/learning. Not a dull moment. I would highly recommend Laughtersize for team building or just to make your day. Fun from start to finish! "

"Your expertise and personal sensitivity to the subject matter contributed to increasing educational awareness for our group and in the success of the conference "

"I haven’t smiled, laughed or participated this much in a long time! Thank you for a positive look at our strengths and values and how we can use them in our lives and our work. "

"There is definitely value in this type of workshop. Happy employees are productive employees!!! Great Job! "

"Great way to look at yourself and others in a positive – fun way "

"This was a very enjoyable… lots of fun and it encourages one to step outside their shell and truly examine the importance of the ‘little things’ in life. It encourages us to explore those little things which in actuality are the biggest things ……Great Workshop! "

"Wonderful way to see oneself "

"It was amazing to have 2 days of learning through fun & laughter. What a de-stressor! We needed that! Thank You! "

"I found the workshop to be very empowering & thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to learn while having fun. Good way to review our values. "

"Laughter truly is the best medicine. My jaws were sore from laughing so much "

"laughtersize was the best workshop I ever attended."

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