The "Ha" Factor
The "Ha" Factor Workshop

General Themes:

Session Description:
This session is designed to help participants examine the issues of stress and work/life balance. Specifically, this session assists participants in understanding the value of "good" stress in our lives and creates an awareness of why this good stress often turns "bad". Participants also have an opportunity to discover how humour can be utilized to reduce or prevent the impact of "bad" stress on their lives. In addition to this, participants get a chance to apply some of the Laughtersize humour tools, to experience the impact of humour in reducing stress and promoting a fun learning and work environment. This session also utilizes the Laughtersize Balance sheet, which provides participants with an opportunity to discover potential strengths and areas which might need attention in terms of life/work balance, along with strategies to utilize strengths and address potential areas which might cause challenges. A combination of music, lots of active learning and elements of the "Ha" factor ( humour) are used to create a fun and valuable learning experience.

Expected Outcomes:

Recommended Session Length: 1.5 to 2.5 hours
Recommended Number of Participants: Unlimited

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