Foundations For Teams
Foundations For Teams Workshop

General Themes:

Session Description:
This session utilizes a series of active learning experiences to assist participants in understanding the role trust plays in developing and maintaining both personal and work relationships. So often, staff development programs concentrate on other aspects of peer and relationship building such as communication, mentoring, coaching etc.; however, without a true sense of trust, these programs can be jeopardized. Participants get an opportunity in this session to identify their personal gifts (skills and qualities). They then have an opportunity to observe the gifts others possess. Then, through a series of activities, they discover the importance of their gifts to the team and the benefits of the gifts of others, in terms of accomplishing tasks and enhancing personal and organizational success. Through this, rather than feeling threatened by other individuals, they learn to value their own contribution and respect that of others.

Expected Outcomes:

Recommended Session Length: 1 day (a 2 day session is also available).
Recommended Number of Participants: 40 (larger groups can be accommodated)

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